Career,Life and Personal Development Coach/Executive Manager Needed Urgently To Assist Me With My New Position

  • Shell Center UK
  • London United Kingdom
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Job Description

Hello Executive Manager/Personal Development Coach,

Good day to you mate,i hope that my letter meets you in good health.My name is Juan Villarreal,a dutch national and an Equipment Inspector at shell PLC.I was formerly working in our headquarters at Hague,Netherlands but since this year January 2022,i am one of the executives appointed to relocate to UK to start working in our company
headquartered at Shell Centre in London, United Kingdom.I relocate to UK with my loving family,my wife Emma and my loving twin daughters Mila and Julia.

I am searching for a dynamic enthusiastic Life Coach,personal development ,executive manager with positive and professional work ethics, as well as experience in multi national company managerial roles.My choice of manager should be open-minded and flexible, as well as sincerely dedicated to the best interests of developing good moral
and professional work standard in improving performance as the Equipment Inspector at shell PLC UK.You will act as my spokesperson especially in english speaking because i am not fluent enough,help me in gathering information,putting it in writing/documentation,setting strategy and planning,representations,decision making by implementing the right processes and practices within my work environment.I decided
to contact you after seeing your brief bio/profile and i feel that you can be of great assistance to me as my personal manager.

-----Degree in business management or Career/life coach,executive manager,personal
development manager and related qualifications
-----Good knowledge of different business functions.
-----Strong leadership qualities.
-----Excellent communication skills.
-----Highly organized.
-----Strong work ethic.
-----Good interpersonal skills.
-----Meticulous attention to detail.
-----6-12 months contract agreement, which can be extended

Benefits And Entitlements:
-----Monthly salary scale open for negotiations.
-----Full medical insurance package provided
-----A paid vacation fee at the 6th month of the contract period.
-----End of contract agreement bonus equivalent of 1 month salary.
-----Fully furnished apartment with the rental set-up fees (paid by employer)
-----Job location: London United Kingdom
.......Relocation Package

Please if you are interested and available to relocate for this personal managerial roles,kindly send me your updated resume,a recent color photo and copies of your degree certificates/credentials for verification of your employment by my team of lawyers immediately.

Thank you
Juan Villarreal & Family
Courtenay Avenue London,Greater London N6 4LR
United Kingdom
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