Facility Management Director

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  • Riyadh Saudi Arabia
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Job Description

CHANGE MANAGEMENT Create a positive working environment with a special focus on QHSE aspects. Foster an atmosphere of creative and innovative thinking within the organization. Support out of the box thinking throughout team members. Reward forward thinking behavior within the organization. PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE Minimum of 25 years of experience in the field of Facilities Management out of which: • 10 years are spent in a technical hands-on position. • 10 years are spent in a Senior Managerial position. Proven experience is managing projects of similar size and scope. Proven experience in the following FM fields: • Implementation of advanced CAFM systems including but not limited to: Defining work processes and workflows Establishing SLAs and implementing KPIs Uploading structural data Defining advanced reports and performance dashboards • Hands on troubleshooting of electromechanical systems including but not limited to: HVAC Water Treatment Systems Medium and Low Voltage Systems Electrical Control Systems Structural Systems Roads and related infrastructure • Managing technical and operational teams with the purpose of achieving specific objectives. Familiar with IFMA knowledge base. The professional experience of the candidate should clearly reflect his ability to: • Make decisions in the absence of complete information. • Understand internal and external stakeholder requirements, expectations and needs. Balance the interest of multiple stakeholders. • Deal comfortably with the uncertainty of change. • Decide and act without having the complete picture. • Step up to conflicts seeing them as opportunities. • Work out tough agreements and settle disputes equitably. • Persuade by positioning views and arguments appropriately to win support. • Structure the work so it aligns with people’s goals and motivators. • Attract and select diverse and high caliber talent. • Pick up on situational cues and adjust in the moment. Readily adapt personal, interpersonal and leadership behavior. • Manage complexity by asking the right questions to accurately analyze the situation. • Anticipate future trends and implication accurately. Readily poses future scenarios. • Come up with useful ideas that are new, better or unique. • Introduce new ways of looking at problems. • Achieve impressive results by having a strong bottom line orientation. • Identify and create the processes to get the work done. • Separate and combine activities to create an efficient work flow. • Work cooperatively with others across the organization to achieve shared objectives.. • Show personal commitment and act to continuously improve. • Seek to understand different perspectives and cultures. • Form effective teams with appropriate and diverse mix of styles. • Provide clear direction and accountability. • Anticipate the impact of emerging technologies and make adjustments. • Place a high priority on developing others. • Create milestones and symbols to rally support behind the vision. • Readily take action on challenges, without unnecessary planning. • Communicate in various settings: one-on-one, small or large groups, or among diverse styles and position levels. • Gain insight into customer needs. Identify opportunities that benefit the client. QUALIFICATIONS ACADEMIC Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical, Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering from a reputed university. A Master’s degree in Management is a plus.

Nationality - European , American, Australian.