Vice President Global Sales

  • Airesun Global Limited
  • Various, within Canada
Experienced professionals Sales

Job Description

As VP of Global Sales, you will be responsible and accountable for leading sales initiatives to service existing and launch new initiatives into various global markets. This includes developing comprehensive sales plans for existing clients, as well as for Airesun Global's entry into multiple global jurisdictions. You must deeply understand that sales is about building long-term relationships by offering complete solutions and not just products. You must be a consummate team player and have experience leading a diverse team, and must have excellent communication skills to populate and retain the talent within your team. Your skillset must include the ability to create positive experiences for team members and clients while building awareness of the Airesun value proposition. We will expect you to host webinars, video call demonstrations, and use any and all sales media to enter market and build relationships. You must show a strong senior-level knowledge and have worked in the oil industry, be well networked and be willing to use your resources for your success and that of Airesun Globals'.

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